10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

100+ exhibitors; 30 presentations

From September 10-11, 2024, The Aerospace Test and Development Show will bring together manufacturers of aerospace components, complete aircraft, space exploration vessels, urban-and inter-urban passenger drones, and air-defence systems to discuss and showcase technologies, techniques, and services that will reduce product failure, decrease product development cycles and costs, and improve performance and reliability.

The international exhibition takes place in Toulouse, the European heartland of aviation research and development, and will be feature an expected 100+ of the world’s leading test and development tools, technologies and services.

Event partners

Incredible speaker line-up!

David Wieland

Senior Manager, Aerospace Structures Section, SwRI

Frank Wokke

Business Manager Aerospace Systems, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

Andrew Simpson

Senior Project Engineer, Powerplant & Systems, Spirit Aerosystems

Todd Leighton

Director of Experimental Products, AeroTEC

Martin Stierli

Business Development Manager Aviation, Kistler Group

Baptiste Ranglaret

Product Development Engineer, H55

Raffaele Donelli

Infrastructures Digital Twin Manager, CIRA

Stefan Kruse

Product Manager, HBK

Peter Bailey

Principal Scientist – Dynamic Applications, Instron

Ramani Sankar Rajendran

Project Engineer, Carl Zeiss

Henno Gemmink

Lead Flight Test Engineer for Production and Experimental Flight Test, Airbus Helicopters



Matthieu Pettes-Duler

Head of Powertrain & Flight Test, Beyond Aero

Abhishek Alladi

Fellow, Verification and Validation CoE, Honeywell Aerospace Technologies

Eric Lithun

CEO, Elfly Group

Steve Summers

Offering Manager, NI, Emerson’s Test & Measurement Business Group

Florent Mathieu

CEO, Eikosim

Nichola Bates

Managing Partner at Aerospace Xelerated and Head of Global Accelerators and Innovation Programs, Boeing

Manoj Sarang

Account Executive & DAS Business Strategy Lead, MDS Aero

Rui Pedro Silva

Vice President, Engineering Functions, Bombardier

Tim Rossiter

Head of Propulsion, Heart Aerospace

Carmine Salzano

International Manager Aerospace & Defense and Test Sector, PCB Piezotronics

Raphael Hallez

Business Development Manager Aerospace, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Feroz Ahmed

Senior Aeroacoustics Research Engineer, The University of Bristol

David Van Emery

Group Lead for Aerodynamics and Process Engineering, Aiolos Engineering

Emanuelle Bezzecchi

AI Roadmap Manager, Leonardo Helicopters

Marco Barnobi

Technical Program Manager, Daedalean

Emil Wes Lambert

Business Manager, AeroDelft

Cecile Biasio

Head of Spacecraft Test, France

Bruno Dahan

Deputy Director Aeronautics Strategic Sector, Aerospace Valley

Anne Jany

Anne Jany, Jany Coaching & Consulting

Executive, Business & Leadership Coach I Aerospace & Business Consultant

Nathan Nims

Business Manager, Digitalisation for Aerospace and Defence, NI

Javier Gutierrez

Business Development Manager, NI

Why should you attend

For professionals who work in the world of aerospace testing and R&D, the Aerospace Test and Development Show offers a unique environment where both users and suppliers can come together to discuss solve their testing problems.

The 2024 event will host over 100 exhibiting companies showcasing their aerospace testing solutions, while our conference will have over 30 papers from some of the leading brands in the sector such as AIRBUS; Aerotech; Bombardier; Honeywell; Spirit Aerosystems; Universal Hydrogen amongst numerous others.

Want to hear what it was like? See below some of the experiences of the highly targeted audience of 1,200 aerospace test professionals who attended the show last year

From the publishers of Aerospace Testing International


“It's been an amazing experience over the last two days. There’s been a lot of networking with many companies. I'm very happy to be here and we will be here again next year.”

David Menendez, Head of Test Center France at Airbus

“We are very happy to be here for the first Aerospace Test and Development show in Toulouse. We are very glad to be part of this show and showcase some fantastic products here.”

Damian Renaud, Sales Director at Safran Data Systems

“At the Aerospace Test and Development Show has been great. It's been awesome to understand all the evolution that's been happening in the future flight area. The progress in the last 12 months that has been made across industry and hydrogen technology alone is exceptional.”

Nathan Nims, business manager, Digitalisation for Aerospace and Defence, NI

“We've had some really good conversations with interesting and good quality people. It's been very worthwhile for us.”

Ian Fairbairn, Theta Technologies

“It’s been a really positive event with some high quality people and high quality papers. It’s been fascinating to see the new technologies and all of the latest and greatest testing applications here in France. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Doug Ullah, director, sales & marketing, AIM UK

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