10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

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“It's been an amazing experience over the last two days. There’s been a lot of networking with many companies. I'm very happy to be here and we will be here again next year.”

David Menendez, Head of Test Center France at Airbus

“We are very happy to be here for the first Aerospace Test and Development show in Toulouse. We are very glad to be part of this show and showcase some fantastic products here.”

Damian Renaud, Sales Director at Safran Data Systems

“At the Aerospace Test and Development Show has been great. It's been awesome to understand all the evolution that's been happening in the future flight area. The progress in the last 12 months that has been made across industry and hydrogen technology alone is exceptional.”

Nathan Nims, business manager, Digitalisation for Aerospace and Defence, NI

“We've had some really good conversations with interesting and good quality people. It's been very worthwhile for us.”

Ian Fairbairn, Theta Technologies

“It’s been a really positive event with some high quality people and high quality papers. It’s been fascinating to see the new technologies and all of the latest and greatest testing applications here in France. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Doug Ullah, director, sales & marketing, AIM UK

Who should attend?

  • Heads of R&D
  • Development and research engineers
  • Aerospace designers
  • Test and validation chiefs from the world’s commercial and general aviation
  • Aircraft, spacecraft, and air-defence system manufacturers
  • Software Engineers
You will be greeted by aisle-upon-aisle of the latest and next-generation test and validation tools, technologies and service providers.

What will be on display and discussed?

If you are creating and developing a flying machine of any kind, then The Aerospace Test and Development Show in Toulouse, France, from September 10-11, 2024 is for you. What will be on display and discussed?
  • TAP Testing (Thermal, Acoustic, Pyroshock Testing)
  • Complete aircraft testing systems and services
  • eVTOL testing and development tools
  • Passenger drone and UAV testing and development
  • Air-defence system test and validation
  • Alternative propulsion and next-generation power-source test and development, systems and services
  • Testing systems for supersonic and hypersonic aviation
  • Durability and accelerated aging testing
  • More Electric Aircraft testing
  • Flight testing
  • Emissions testing
  • Materials testing
  • Aerodynamic testing
  • Quality control testing
  • Telemetry
  • EMC testing technologies and services
  • NDT systems
  • Data acquisition tools
  • Landing-gear test rigs
  • Automated testing and compliance systems 
  • Fire and safety testing technologies
  • NVH testing
  • Engine testing
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Lightening strike testing and modelling
  • Climatic testing
  • Propeller design and efficiency
  • Electric motor testing
  • Battery testing
  • Instrument, avionics, and flight-data controls test and development tools
  • Cabin component and design validation
  • Electrical and communication system testing
  • Airframe testing and development systems
  • Composites testing 
  • Software Testing

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10 September 2024: Opens 10.00hrs. Closes 17.00hrs
Wednesday 11 September 2024: Opens 10.00hrs. Closes 17.00hrs 
Please note that all bags will go through a security check when you arrive. This is a venue requirement

Incredible speaker line-up!

David Wieland

Senior Manager, Aerospace Structures Section, SwRI

Frank Wokke

Business Manager Aerospace Systems, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

Mark Cousin

President & Chief Technology Officer, Universal Hydrogen

Andrew Simpson

Senior Project Engineer, Powerplant & Systems, Spirit Aerosystems

Dale Goulding

Chief Development Officer, AeroTEC

Martin Stierli

Business Development Managaer Aviation, Kistler Group

Baptiste Ranglaret

Product Development Engineer, H55

Raffaele Donelli

Infrastructures Digital Twin Manager, CIRA

Stefan Kruse

Product Manager, HBK

Peter Bailey

Principal Scientist – Dynamic Applications, Instron

Ramani Sankar Rajendran

Project Engineer, Carl Zeiss



Matthieu Pettes-Duler

Head of Powertrain & Flight Test, Beyond Aero

Abhishek Alladi

Fellow, Verification and Validation CoE, Honeywell Aerospace Technologies

Eric Lithun

CEO, Elfly Group

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