10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Crystal Instruments

Stand number: 532

Founded in 1996, Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading manufacturer of dynamic measurement, signal analysis, structural testing, and environmental testing equipment. Headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California along with testing labs totaling to over 40,000 square feet in total facilities. Crystal Instruments’ founders James Zhuge Ph.D. and Justin Tang previously founded Dactron, which established industry benchmarks with innovative technology. (Dactron was acquired by LDS, which in turn was acquired by Bruel & Kjaer.) Zhuge and Tang continue to lead innovation with Crystal Instruments today, driving the development of the most technologically advanced products available.

Data Acquisition and Analysis includes ground vibration testing (GVT), wind tunnel dynamic studies, high channel reliable data recording, flight stress and vibration recording, external and internal acoustical surveys, engine durability testing Vibration Test Control includes Sine, RSTD, Random, SoR, durability tests using recorded flight data, launch and separation simulation, payload dynamic qualification, proof-of-performance component stress screening. MIL-Spec testing applications for the Aerospace Industry includes Vibration Testing, Whole Body Vibration Testing, Data Recording for Dynamic Signals, Sound and Vibration
Remote Monitoring, Acoustic Measurement, Frequency Response Function, Modal Testing, Digital Signal Processing and Sine Reduction.

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