10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France


Binet has been a research engineer at ONERA for 23 years in the Information Processing and Systems Department and Head of the Research Unit “Rotorcraft Flight Dynamics & Systems” at ONERA Salon de Provence.

His different research activities are dedicated to:

Helicopter/vertical take-off aircraft flight mechanics
The development of pilot assistance systems and flight envelope protection functions, in particular through active inceptor technology.
I am responsible for a task dedicated to “eVTOL” flight control law developments in the framework of the US Army/DGA cooperation.
Binet is responsible for the Research Field 3 "Smart Rotorcraft" in the ONERA/DLR cooperation and as part of this cooperation, involved in a joint team studying helicopter augmented flight control laws and automatic modes for ship deck operations.

Binet is also in charge of the helicopter flight tests operated by DGA-EV (French Flight Test centre) for ONERA.

In relation to the subject matter of the project, I have been involved in all flight test programmes performed with DGA-EV on vortex since 2000. I was also involved in theoretical studies and the development of vortex domain prediction criterion and vortex warning and avoidance systems

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