10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Twente Airport

Stand number: 234

Located in the eastern region of The Netherlands (EHTW: 521633N 0065321E) and part of the bigger, former military and secured area Technology Base, Twente Airport offers the ideal and unique location for testing any new development or technology for future aviation.

The well-maintained and long runway, the large open space, quiet airspace and ample electricity network capacity for charging multiple electric aircraft, makes it unique. Thanks in part to these facilities, Twente Airport occupies a central position as living lab for sustainable aviation.

As Twente Airport has no scheduled traffic and hence can be rented out for a whole day if required, this makes it especially suited for all kinds of testing of new (prototypes of) airplanes, new energy carriers (H2, electric, SAF), drones testing and training, integrating manned and unmanned flights and other relevant testing programs on the road to sustainable aviation.

One of the unique aspects is the possibility of flooding the runway for brake testing and water-ingestion trials.

The airport is also in use for business and general aviation, circular dismantling (EOL),  short and long parking airplanes (Code C) and MRO including access to a hangar and basic workshops and tools.

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Website: https://www.technologybase.nl/
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Telephone: +31 53 480 0090