10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Integrating virtual and physical test data into the 3D CAD environment to create digital continuity in structures test

20 September 2023 14:10 - 14:30

In order to enable faster, cheaper and more reliable testing at all scales, digital continuity to link physical testing and virtual testing is essential. The Data Driven Platform aims to provide an easy to access collaborative environment for testing teams and internal customers alike. The platform is built on 3DEXPERIENCE, using the concepts of single point of access to enable a digital thread to link test pyramids, design data, sensor locations, physical test data, virtual test data (structural FE) and reporting data. The Data Driven Platform allows the connection and management of all of these data types from a single location to provide end to end lifecycle management for structural testing.