10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Beyond Aero

Dr Matthieu Pettes-Duler holds a PhD in Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Propulsion, with a distinguished career at the forefront of aerospace innovation. He played a pivotal role in the HASTECS project, a collaborative effort with Airbus, spearheading a team of six PhD students, two post-doctoral researchers, and four research laboratories. Together, they explored the future of aviation, culminating in groundbreaking research on fuel cell-powered aircraft.

His expertise continued to shape the industry landscape with Blue Spirit Aero, where he led the design of a CS23 aircraft powered by fuel cell technology and pressurized H2.

Dr. Pettes-Duler's contributions extended to Airbus UpNext in June 2021, where he joined the fuel cell demonstrator project as part of the ZEROe Program, leveraging his expertise in aircraft design and propulsion systems. Today, Dr. Pettes-Duler serves as the Head of Powertrain, overseeing critical aspects of flight testing and ground activities as well.