10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France


Stand number: 624

DTS is redefining what’s possible in aerospace and in-flight testing.

Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) is a leading manufacturer of miniature, autonomous data acquisition units (DAU) for aerospace and flight testing. DTS solutions offer three unique advantages:
  1. SWaP-optimized for Size, Weight, and Power
  2. Rugged for high shock testing and extreme environmental conditions
  3. COTS availability with standard lead times.

DTS standalone measurement solutions make it easy to measure critical parameters including acceleration, vibration, shock, and temperature in situ. The miniature rapid deployable data acquisition units are designed to embed on or in the test article near the sensors. This distributed solution reduces test set-up time by eliminating complicated sensor cable runs, it improves data quality and makes it easy to add sensor channels at any time.

DTS technical support experts are available worldwide 24/7/365.

Applications include : eVTOL, rotorcraft, UAV, modification & compatibility testing, destructive testing, commercial launch, captive carry, and hypersonic vehicles. www.dtsweb.com

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