10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Hydrogen and electric testing infrastructure and expertise

11 September 2024 10:20 - 10:40

With the emergence of new propulsion concepts and new energy carriers in aviation, the need for test and validation capabilities is shifting. Hydrogen is becoming a major player as energy vector for the transition towards a circular economy and for sustainable aviation, supported by the introduction of high voltage, high power electrical systems onboard aircraft. A strong demand for performance testing of aviation specific, innovative liquid and gaseous hydrogen & electrical systems under environmental conditions is starting to materialize; for storage tanks, powertrains, conditioning systems, electromotors, power electronics, batteries, fuel cells etc, etc. New test facilities are needed to address the upcoming qualification efforts. Based on our long heritage in aviation test & validation, Royal NLR is building these facilities and the associated capabilities to support a number of European and national projects, and making them available to the wider aviation sector.

Frank Wokke, Business Manager Aerospace Systems, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)