10 September 2024 - 11 September 2024, Hall 7, MEETT, Toulouse, France

Q&A with Dr. Ing. Carmine Salzano, International Manager Aerospace & Defense and Test Sector, PCB Piezotronics


What will you be presenting at the Aerospace Test & Development Show? 

My presentation title will be Pressure Sensors technologies for Aerodynamic Tests on Ground and in Flight.

After a quick description of pressure measurement sensor technologies, I will show some application examples with test on ground and in flight based on recent developments of PCB and Endevco technologies.

What are the key challenges in the Aerospace Test & Development sector, and how will your presentation address them? 
Today new development for clean propulsion aircraft lead mostly to electrical or hydrogen powered aircraft where extensive tests are required. Among the various dynamic tests in the aeronautical sector, particular attention is paid to pressure measurements needing precision pressure sensors with dedicated advanced technologies such as condenser microphones, dynamic ICP pressure sensors, piezoresistive pressure sensors, and piezoelectric ICP force sensors.

Why is it important to participate in this event? 

I believe it is important to participate to get an overview of all the current developments of the different testing technologies in the aerospace sector which has historically been one of the driving sectors at the frontiers of new technologies.